Vinyl Fence Installation in Charlotte, NC

Vinyl fence is a very popular option due its clean appearance, minimal maintenance, and its endless style possibilities. At Ornamental Fence Solutions, we offer vinyl fencing in privacy, picket, rail, and “Pool Code” compliant styles.

Picket fence is the standard for the industry. Styles available include straight picket, arched picket, and scalloped picket. Different picket tops (dog ear, pyramid, ect) can be used to create your own design. As HOA’s have different restrictions, the PVC fence can be built to meet any spacing/ opacity requirements.

Whether you are looking for a wood fence or privacy Privacy fence is made with “Tongue and Groove”boards. This offers pure privacy. Unlike wood fence that shrinks and cracks and allows you to see through, the vinyl fence remains true. The vinyl privacy fence can be built with lattice or spindle accents to add a design element.

All vinyl fence is not created equal. Many factors can have an impact on the durability of your fence. If the fence glued together or is it assembled? Is it virgin plastics or is it recycled? If it is recycled, what % is new material? Does the product warranty cover yellowing or cracking?


Talk to one of our consultants today to learn about the differences in our professional fence grade PVC fence products and those you find at the “big box” stores.

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